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Power Saving Devices

 Power Saving Devices Can Save Up To
40% Off Your Total Energy Costs

Power saving devices work based on power factor correction....so what is Power Factor Correction? Quite simply, Power Factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. The ideal Power Factor is

unity, or one. Anything less than one, (or 100% efficiency), means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand.

This extra power is known as Reactive Power, which unfortunately is necessary to provide a magnetising effect required by motors and other inductive loads to perform their desired functions. However, Reactive Power can also be interpreted as wattless, magnetising or wasted power and an extra burden on the electricity supply.


Power Factor Correction is the term given to a technology that has been used since the turn of the 20th century to restore Power Factor to as close to unity as is economically viable. This is normally achieved by the addition of capacitors to the electrical network which provide or compensate for the Reactive Power demand of the inductive load, and thus reduce the burden on the supply.


Benefits of Power Factor Correction

Below are just some of the benefits that can be achieved by applying the correct Power Saving Device to your premises:

  • Power consumption reduced
  • Electricity bills reduced (Save up to 40% of your total energy costs)
  • Electrical energy efficiency improved
  • Reduced maintenance costs

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